• Zeta Youth Auxiliaries


    Delta Alpha Zeta Chapter currently sponsors three youth auxiliaries for girls who are willing to strive for the high ideals of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., are able to demonstrate potential for leadership and willing to work as a part of a group. Each group participates in age appropriate community service activities.

    The Zeta Youth Auxiliaries of the Delta Alpha Zeta Chapter are:



    ZPB Pearlette ZPB Amicette ZPB Archonette

    The Pearlette Youth


    The Amicette Youth


    The Archonette Youth


    Young ladies ages 4-8 who are in elementary school.

    Young girls ages 9-13 who are in junior high school. Young girls ages 14-18 who are in high school.



    For additional information, please complete and submit the membership request form.




    Zeta Adult Auxiliary 


    ZPB AmicaeThe Zeta Amicae (pronounced Ah-mee-ky) of Brooklyn is the adult women’s auxiliary group of Delta Alpha Zeta Chapter. The Amicae, or “Friends”, have been an integral part of Delta Alpha Zeta Chapter’s life. The Amicae, or Friends, are a group of women, who for various reasons did not pursue a college degree, but encompass the same ideals of Zeta women and have a desire to assist in furthering the programming of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Zeta Amicae of Brooklyn was organized in 1950. Our Zeta Amicae are dedicated to lending assistance to Zeta activities.

    As a member of the Zeta Amicae you play an important role in determining the success of the groups effort.  When each member uses and applies her strength in a positive manner the end result will always result in victory. This is what moves an organization forward and gives members a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment.

    For additional information, please complete and submit the membership request form.