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    Sarah E. Green Diamond Scholarship




    Click here to learn more about the Sarah E. Green Diamond Scholarship for female high school seniors.



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    Apply Now for the Sarah E. Green Diamond Scholarship!


  • Scholarship

    We’re excited to announce the application period is open for the Sarah E. Green Diamond Scholarship!


    Candidates for the scholarship should meet the following criteria:

    • Full-time female high school senior student
    • Lives in Brooklyn
    • Attends an accredited private or public high school

      (including schools requiring the SHSAT).

    • Have an acceptance letter to a four year college or university
    • Have an average of 85% or higher

    Application Submission Guidelines

    1. Candidate must submit a high school transcript with application.

    2. Candidate must submit a resume (profile) of all involvements in church, school, civic organizations, block associations, or other work.

    3. A written 300 word essay. Please choose ONE of the topics below and answer to the best of your ability:

    a. Explain why you believe the college of your acceptance is a necessary option for your higher.

    learning in preparation for your future.

    b. Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent so meaningful, their application would be incomplete without sharing. If this sounds like you, please share your story.

    4. TWO letters of recommendations from a teacher, a guidance counselor, a church, or a civic organization.


    (Please Note: Failure to meet applicant criteria is an automatic disqualification.)



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